Wednesday, July 16, 2008

I suck.

How are we ever going to become famous if I can't write every day? You think New York Times would be forgiving of that? I think not...anyway, now that my head is getting clearer and i'll have more time, I will so work on this blog! (i should just shut up)
and here's the little devils patronizing look that screams "we'll see....".


Robin said...

AWWWW, his eyes are so sweet. I think I'm in love with a dog:-)

Don't know if you saw my post on your other blog but does it say on your profile to email you anywhere because I can't find it.

And by the don't suck!!!!

I'm going to Alaska, I'm going to Alaska....Supastar!!!

Tanya Kristine said...

Hi Robin...i'm in love too :)

i did and they took that link off! i swear it was there...anway, just email me at

you ARE a supastah my friend... :)

Michelle Ann said...

Love love love this shot of Kody. I want to pinch his nose so very hard!!!!

deb said...

he has the best expressions. you can just see his wheels spinning!

Michelle Ann said...

Hello Kody Hello!

Morwenna said...

Good for people to know.