Friday, January 30, 2009

The Bro

There are a few times when I know Kody wants to hurt me; this IS one of those times...

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kody's got the sillies....

and you can see it in his face...

I'll wash that robe later.

Thursday, January 22, 2009


Kody expresses his opinion on me wanting my socks back.

Saturday, January 17, 2009

Go for a walk?

I made the mistake of telling Kody we'd be going for a walk in the morning. I think he stayed awake all night staring at me & the clock.
He got me up at 5:30. I'm waiting for my brother who's coming at 8:30 to walk with Kody's been following me around somewhat patiently just waaaaiting for me to pull out his leash. I sat on the bed figuring out what to do next when I see Kody, still waiting somewhat patiently in my doorway...
2 more hours, baby...2 more hours....

Friday, January 09, 2009

Grumpy Old Man

I have been sick all week with the worst head cold ever. Although Kody loves me being home, I think it does makes it harder on him because he wants to play, walk & catch kicked balls all day and i just was NOT up for that.

With that in mind, when Kody gets in my bed first, I have to be veeeeery careful not to disturb him too much, lest I get a growl-lashing that's supposed to make me drop and put my ears back. Although it is unnerving, I just end up telling him to shut up and remind him that I pay the bills around here.

Yesterday, on my worst sick day, I tried to watch t.v. but just had to crawl back in bed. Of course, Kody was already IN bed with his ass on his side and the top of his body on mine. Instead of being my usual cautious, slightly-frightened, gentle self I said "move it buddy". I got an irriated growl to which i responded with 'shut the hell up, you prick'. at that time, Betsy jumped up with just her two delicate front feet and Kody decided he'd channel all his machoism at her and warned her ferociously she was NOT to attempt to climb up on his...I mean, moms bed.

So I see Kody staring at Betsy, growling and, Betsy, with her petite little head and sweet big brown eyes, looking at him and then looking back at me. I grabbed Kody by the neck and pulled him in to the crook of my arm so his head was laying on my chest and assured him that we WERE all scared of this big bad wolf...yes, yes we were....

He seemed appeased and we all rested easy.

Friday, January 02, 2009

A Lovely read...

Spoiled-ass Kody says HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!

a few years ago I found this post, posted on Craigslist. I had to copy it and save it becuase i knew it would be gone in 7 days. It is the BESTLY written letter I've ever read:

Thank you, people who dumped my dogs at the shelters

Date: 2006-04-05, 7:15PM PDTI wanted to say "thank you" to the people who dumped my dogs at the shelters. I read the behavioral notes, I heard what the staff said about what YOU said to them, when you dumped these two dogs. And all I can say is -- thank you. Because of you, I have been blessed. Dog #1: Almost seven years ago, I went to the shelter and saw a dog on his last day. According to the notes, he was an owner turn-in because she was pregnant and they "didn't have enough time for the dog". The notes also mentioned you guys were afraid that the dog, a whopping 50 pounds, might hurt a newborn, even though I don't think I've ever heard of Border Collies doing that. (Maybe you misheard... Perhaps they said "herding", not "hurting"?) THANK YOU SO MUCH. I took him home and found him to be the politest dog I've ever met, and having had dogs all my life, that's saying a LOT. He was housebroken, he was gentle, he learned to heel off-lead, sit, stay, down-stay (timed him at half an hour, unmonitored, on three separate occasions). I can tell him to get into the tub and bathe him without needing to drag him, restrain him, or wrestle him -- no collar, no lead! When we go hiking, parents stop and tell me my dog is better behaved than their kids. (Are you ever going to walk by with your six-year old, who will probably want to pet this gentleman, and think -- "Hmmm, that looks an awful lot like my old dog?") This dog is so striking in looks and obedient in manner that I've had a Nutro rep tell me he should be their poster dog. And he CAME this way -- I didn't have the puppy phase, the teething, the housebreaking, the gawky phase. He's always been this graceful, polite, amazing dog who gets along with dogs, cats, kids (he would have been great with your kid). Thank you SO MUCH for giving him up! Dog #2: After a few years, I started looking to add another fur kid to my family, since I have the room and the love. After seeing a purebred languishing in a shelter for weeks, and calling, and the shelter staff told me NO ONE had come out to see her (because she wasn't a puppy?), I checked her out. According to the notes, and to the shelter staff who were there when you dumped her off, you didn't want her anymore because she "didn't get along with your other dogs." I'm not sure what that means, because I took ten minutes to watch her, and she seemed terrified of everyone, people AND dogs AND cats. And to you, I say THANK YOU. I brought her home and she perked up when she met my other dog. My cats told her that she wasn't going to boss them around, and boy did she pay attention. It was a wonderful treat to find out she was housebroken, that she didn't destroy a dang thing (I do so like these older dogs!), she was calm, and snuggly, and played with my dog, and my friend's dog, and she smiles and wags her entire body when I come home. At night, she curls up next to my other dog. She dances for me when she sees the leash, and she's turning out to be an awesome walking and running partner. When she's not excited about going out, she's a complete and utter couch potato, and I feel like I have the best of both worlds. In fact, I think I have the best dogs I could possibly have -- and all without housebreaking, potty training, chewing, digging, puppy obedience classes, and the rest. All I did was come pick them up when you dropped them off, and pay a pittance of a fee (how much are Maltipoos and Cockapoos and Labradoodles nowadays?) So thank you, people who dumped my dogs at the shelters. You'll never know what you gave me -- because you probably had no clue what you were giving up. But the dogs are home now, and safe, and loved, and will be, for the rest of their days. I think if they could, they would pass along their thanks, too.
no -- it's NOT ok to contact this poster with services or other commercial interests