Thursday, December 25, 2008

Title-free since yesterday

Kody might be the biggest pain in my ass but when i pee and see a tennis ball by the toilet, i smile.

This dog has infiltrated every pore of my hair in my bed, car, coffee, coat, eyeball and his toys are under the couch, in the garage, the washing machine and spa...his teeth marks are on my shoes & flip-flops, laundry baskets and the like. Where ever I look, I see Kody. And I know I am so blessed to have such a wonderful, funny, entertaining, solid being in my life. He makes me laugh, feel less lonely, warm and gay (for lack of a better word) so his present to me on this Christmas Day is simply him.

And that is the BEST present I have ever received...
Merry Christmas Kody and a special Merry Christmas to those that love you too :)


Beth said...

awwww, Merry Christmas Kody and to your mama too.

Robin said...

I just love you both(and not in a weird way). Thanks for all of your posts. You both make me happy.

Merry Christmas Tanya and Kody:-)

deb said...

merry kissmass kody