Friday, January 09, 2009

Grumpy Old Man

I have been sick all week with the worst head cold ever. Although Kody loves me being home, I think it does makes it harder on him because he wants to play, walk & catch kicked balls all day and i just was NOT up for that.

With that in mind, when Kody gets in my bed first, I have to be veeeeery careful not to disturb him too much, lest I get a growl-lashing that's supposed to make me drop and put my ears back. Although it is unnerving, I just end up telling him to shut up and remind him that I pay the bills around here.

Yesterday, on my worst sick day, I tried to watch t.v. but just had to crawl back in bed. Of course, Kody was already IN bed with his ass on his side and the top of his body on mine. Instead of being my usual cautious, slightly-frightened, gentle self I said "move it buddy". I got an irriated growl to which i responded with 'shut the hell up, you prick'. at that time, Betsy jumped up with just her two delicate front feet and Kody decided he'd channel all his machoism at her and warned her ferociously she was NOT to attempt to climb up on his...I mean, moms bed.

So I see Kody staring at Betsy, growling and, Betsy, with her petite little head and sweet big brown eyes, looking at him and then looking back at me. I grabbed Kody by the neck and pulled him in to the crook of my arm so his head was laying on my chest and assured him that we WERE all scared of this big bad wolf...yes, yes we were....

He seemed appeased and we all rested easy.


Kitt said...

You may pay the bills, but it sure sounds like Kody calls the shots!

Robin said...

I know what you mean...even though Gabby is a cat she gets super pissed if i get in bed and make her move. She goes completely limp as i'm trying to push and then finally pick her up. I'm not kidding...LIMP(sack of potatoes).

Then if i have to get up and go the bathroom (i know, TMI) she makes it tough on me..BUT I LOVE her:-)

Give the old man a scratch on the head for me.

Robin said...

Whoops, and sorry you've been sick. Get yourself a Neti Pot if you have a stopped up head. Looks gross and sounds gross but I swear they work for congestion in head.