Saturday, May 30, 2009


Splash Dogs came in to town today and I rushed Kody to the vet to get his rabies shot so I could enroll him in this event.

If there was ANY doubt that he was not the HIT of the day, put it to rest.

This is the pool they set up. Then they attach a long ramp for the dog to run and JUMP in to the pool.

(I had the damn settings on the camera set too light and it was very hard to get pictures while i'm trying to kody in the pool.

so his first try, i throw the ball and he runs to the edge of the ramp, looks at the ball and runs back to me, down the stairs and climbed in the pool BY GOING OVER THE SIDE!!! It was a very hard climb for him and he was very awkward and it kinda looked painful but he did it and everyone was roaring with laughter. it was hysterical.

Thats him coming out on his first try. while we were waiting for his next turn, he watched all the other dogs run and jump in and he actaully started whining and yipping so i thought he might be getting the idea and sure enough, the 2nd try he ran and JUMPED in the pool...everyone was clapping and laughing...

god i love that fucker.


doggybloggy said...

way too cool!

Robin said...

This is just too cool! Oh, I wish I could have been there to see that. I know he must have been HYSTERICAL! Ya know, he is really smart if he went down the ladder and climbed in on the side..seriously:-)

I went to the site looking for his profesional pix but didn't see them. Am I just missing them?

We don't have stuff like that come here..wish we DID! hahahahah