Saturday, September 19, 2009


I looked high and low for this video and was devastated that I couldn't find it. Last night i was randomly looking for my ben folds and there it was. i was overjoyed!!

So kody used to go hiking all the time over craggly, rocky terrain and he would rip the SHIT out of his pads. I purchased these $85 boots for him and KNEW i had to video tape the first time he wore them...i didn't edited it so it's a bit long but who doen'st want to watch endless hours of kody anyway???


Mira said...

You have good instincts - that WAS a moment to preserve in video. Hilarious how he felt he had to lift his legs up to walk in them. Did he get better at it?

Robin said...

OH MY GOSH..that is soooo funny! Did you get smaller booties? I'm so glad you found this and shared it..hahahahaha:)

I'm able to laugh again! Thanks for understanding and taking time to write me and be a friend (corny but true).

tabitha jane said...

ha ha! great! did you keep using them after that firs trial run?