Sunday, December 27, 2009

christmas Kody

I've started a new tradition of spending my christmas day with my girlfriend Debby and my favorite girl, Megan. Plus they let me bring Kody over which is no easy decision since it takes Debby about 12 hours to clean up when we leave. As she says "Having Kody over is like have 14 teenagers over..."

Kody easily entertains me. I pushed the "push here" button to make this snow man dance and Kody, although didn't go nuts because he's suave still made me laugh.

"hey there big gonna pee on me?"

We blew up our air bed so we could all lay out and watch movies. Not gonna happen with kody there....He's movin in.

Claiming his victory:
Adults "allowed" on couch, floor & chair (me) while Kody gets the bed. LOVE that fucker.


deb said...

love you kozy kody you!

Mira said...

Cute Kody. Looks like a fun lazy way into the new year!