Tuesday, April 03, 2012

a while...

yes...it's just been so long.  but Kody IS nearing his end and i feel bad for not keeping up on this.  And it's not that i haven't had any material.  as I go to the store tonight, i open the closet, pull out a coat and he's on his feet, ready to go.  how does he know?  and how the shit does he get up so fast!

He reminded me of doug from king of queens when he went to the health spa with Carrie (to gain points so he could go to vegas) and she took the relaxation package; he took the severe workout package.  He was in so much pain and was flat on his back talking to Deacon on the phone.  He told him he just couldn't go on  but when Deacon mentioned the new topless donut bar, next scene:  Doug on his feet "I'm back in".

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