Thursday, March 06, 2008


I know Kody so well that even when he's not around me, I can 'feel' his wants, wherever he is. Actually, he's kinda like Calvin where if you haven't heard him in 5 minutes, you need to see what he's up to.

In his lifetime, I'll capture all his 'want motions' on film and here's the first one in that series.

Most days when Kody is hungry, he'll just saunter over to his food bowl, which is behind the end of my counter, and stare straight ahead...waiting patiently. I'm usually doing 14 things at once in the kitchen so i'm not fully aware of what he's doing; but, eventually I'll 'feel' he's wanting for something. Then i'll look over to the counter where you actually can't see him. that's right - you cannot see that gigantic body; but, if you hold still long enough and just stare, he'll lift his head up, ever so slightly to check it out:

Usually it's like 2pm and not quite ready for dinner. That's when i have to break it to him that he's gonna be one sad little boy becuase he's got quite a wait ...


Beth said...

I love your dog!!! He has so much personality! I bet he's a joy to live with....and I love his blog!

tabitha jane said...

same with h. we don't feed him until at least 6 . . . but when it gets close to 5 he starts the anticipation . . . waiting for his food. every time i make a sudden movement, he heads straight for the kitchen and if I go to the kitchen he races in their all expectant like. poor boy . . . has to wait every day until 6!

Anonymous said...

Another great shot! Love his eyes in this frame.