Sunday, March 16, 2008

For Robin...(and her husband)

I was thinking of only blogging during the week. You a real job? But I never do anything consistently so who knows.

Anyway, on the said weekends, I love to play with Kody while I'm slowly waking up and dreading getting out of my warm bed. I can play with him and before I know it, an hour will have gone by. He is THAT fun :)

Awww...him laying on my pillow admiring his mother . Or wishing she'd stop flashing her camera in his face...

Someone is in DIRE need of a manicure.


Michelle Ann said...

...dire need of a manicure. You or Kody?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I would like to thank the Academy...wait, no I have not won the Oscar but I almost felt like it when I checked the blog to see my name, Thanks T.K. and Kody!!!

Love this pics and your right...Kody's nails look as though he could use some time at the spa. Love the pic above it that shows his half face. He is one handsome Laddie.

Happy St. Patricks Day and give Kody a pinch for me:-)

Robin and hubby