Tuesday, May 20, 2008


...Kody tries so many different times and so many different ways to be so super cute that maybe he'll get his dinner early.

Last night, when i was making my own dinner, I do one of my many million glances at him while he pathetically waits by his bowl for an early reward and got this:

He really does amaze me with his humanly manipulative ways. How does he KNOW how to act like that? Does he emulate my look when i want just one more drink and everyone says 'no'? Does he watch t.v.? Does he connect with me on a level only a dog can hear and know what melts my heart?

I guess he's just brilliant on his own.

FUCK, I love that dog.


Michelle Ann said...

Super sweet...I just want to squeeze him so tight that his eyeballs pop out!!!!!

Was that too much sharing?

Robin said...

LOLOL......yah, squeeze him so hard that his eyeballs pop out:-)

I'm lovin' Kody!

Candi said...

i bet they think.... this worked last time, i am going to stick with it. lol

debbyd said...

it's that mother child bond. even the kitty bella knows that I fall for her baby meow and flirtations.

i feel like sqeezin the stuffins out of her daily. it's like cute babies too where you want to suck there cute little cheeks right off.

he's a doll

tabitha jane said...

hudson does the same thing