Friday, May 23, 2008

A Video!

I made this video about 5 minutes after I woke up so i can't talk, obviously. And the ending is graphic; do not attempt to call animal control because they will never catch us! (and i'm aware it's pretty lame; but, I'm tryin' heah)


debbyd said...

boink. that was funny

Beth said...

bonk!!! that nose is gonna hurt!

My dog loves to do this too, and I almost pee my pants when he runs into things!!! So if you get arrested for animal cruelty, I'll be right there with ya!

I sure do love me some Kody!

Michelle Ann said...

Sorry, but that is hilarious! I nearly pee'd my pants when Jerry Lee barreled into the sliding glass door...gotta love them because their tails keep wagging!

Carrie™ said...

Oh, poor Kody. We do that with Simon when we're in bed. Once, when we had him covered with the blanket, he was trying to find his way out and fell of the bed. Ooops. We won't report you if you don't report us.

Robin said...

My husband just came in and asked what I was laughing at...I told him Kody and he just laughed and walked out of the room!

You two are so damn funny:-) I have at the lake and this was great to come back too. Hope you don't jog in the shoe.

Loved the video.