Monday, June 16, 2008

First pool party of the summer!

Kody loves Janet for many reasons; but, the TOP reason is she has a pool.

He does this funny thing that when he doesn't want to jump in for what EVER crazy reason, he tries to "pull" the ball to him by using his foot. Is it me or is my dog a GENIUS!

Uh oh...dilemma...however will he get out!

Another Genius move, i must say....

This is what we get when we don't throw the ball right away...a very pathetic staring-at-the-ball look. (well..he glanced up when he saw the camera)

We party and play cards while Kody wears himself out. He will literally keep going until he is near death and then even a little more.

It's hard to tell when he's over-done it becuase he won't show any pain until later on in the evening when the stiffness creeps in and then the next day when he can barely move.

But, now in his later years, when I make him rest...he doesn't seem to mind.

Betsy, on the other hand, NEVER minds resting.

Here's to Summer of 2008!


Kitt said...

Smart dog! i love it when they stare at the ball as if they could move it by force of will alone.

deb said...

god bless you and janet for betsy. she's so sweet.

kody's in heaven. just keep him away from the pool sweep...haha

Megan Eileen said...

he needs to come over here and swim. tell him I said hi.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I would love to have that pool right now to lounge around in, looks like so much fun. Your right, Kody is a GENIUS! I'm glad you don't have a speedo on him.

Hey, there is a dog down the street that looks like Kody. I'm going to take a pic of him and post it. I'm going to take a pic of him next time and post it. This dog is part wolf...ggrrrrrrr!

It's good to see that Betsy is doing well..aka, the cheerleader:-)

Robin said...

Anonymous up above was me! I'm clearly no genius.

Tanya Kristine said...

hahahah Robin...i thought the Anony writer sounded veeeery familiar. was you!

tabitha jane said...

sounds like hudson. he will go and go and go and not stop even when his pads are sore, his tongue is hanging out and he is as dirty and nasty as ever (and last week when he had porcupine quills in his face, he was still ready to go!). then the next day . . .he will lay on the floor all day and only get up to change positions. and groan.

Carrie™ said...

Me loves Kody!