Monday, June 09, 2008

Total Bliss....

Kody and the Big Stick

This is always my favorite...others adoring my boy.

And the malamute in Kody ADORES the snow...even if it's old. (look real hard...he's sitting right in the middle)

On the ride home...BOTH of us were nodding off becuase it was a gooooood weekend.


Robin said...

Oh, I LOVE the pic of him sitting in the snow! He just looks totally happy up there. I know he is a big dog so that stick of his had to be huge and he is just so proud of it.....hysterical!

Glad you all had fun and hope Janet's dog is feeling better:-)

What is Rite-Aid?

Thanks for all of the great pics!

Beth said...

awwww...he had a great day, didn't he?

Carrie™ said...

Aww Kody! I could hug you all day long. What a sweetie.