Wednesday, October 29, 2008


I had a dream last night that I was looking for Kody. It was kind of a warish zone and I knew he could be in danger. While I was taking off to go find him someone told me he had been killed. I saw a vision of his destroyed body and knew he was dead. They guy who told me that Kody had been killed continued to talk to me; but, i was preparing my body for a wail. And it was a heart-wrenching, weird-ass wail that came from deep within my soul. And I cried and cried and everyone in my dream just went away because all i could see & feel was my pain.
I woke up and my boy was next to me snoozing peacefully. And all was well within my world.

I cannot imagine my life without him; nor, do i want to.

I love you, you little fucker.


Robin said...

Nice picture TK...really!

You love Kody and he loves you:-)

Beth said...

I love that Boy too...he's the best. and what an AWFUL dream! Stop drinking before you go to bed! ;)