Thursday, November 13, 2008


Y'all know how much I love this dog, right? But can i say i HATE his hair??? It's on my sheets, my floors, my tupperware, my toothbrush, my bicycle seat, my water bottle tip, my vodka's every where. I've thought of shaving him; but, he would kill me in my sleep. I'm sure of it. I've thought of wrapping him in saran wrap but he would get skinner than me.

But you know what I do? I love him. I love him no matter what. I love him even though I wake up every day with 2 to 4 hairs in my sleeping mouth. I love him when he growls at me if I move him off my bed, I love him when he nips me because he's so excited, I love him when he lays his arm in his car window while i drive so that passerbys can laugh and point, I love him when he bugs me while I try to meditate, I love him when he brings me a shoe everytime I come home or my friends come over, I love him when he actually wants some love! If anything this dog has taught me, it has been how to love unconditionally. I mean i've learned to love a fucking hairy, big-ass, obnoxious, selfish, self-centered dog.

But you know what else I've learned? That when he leaves me, I will yearn for hair, I will yearn for that nip, and I will yearn for all his signals that we've understood together over our years.

Kody? you better live another 22 years or I will kill you.


Kitt said...

I bought an 800-count bottle of glucosamine supplements for the aged poodle (who doesn't shed, I might add. Not to rub it in). I told her she has to live at least long enough to justify the purchase.

Carrie™ said...

I hear ya. I feel the same way. Owning a white dog and dark clothes just doesn't mix. When I'm covered with hair Jim will either say "You've been Jack Russellized" or that it's Simon's angel dust that he sprinkles on the ones he loves. Simon will live for another 30 odd years - he has to!

Candi said...

haha, i am in the same boat. I have Gia hair in my hair, in food when i go to a restaurant. in the shower, in my eyes.. but i love her.

Robin said...

Oh, that is the nicest post from the heart and I loved it. I also inhale my cats hair but wouldn't trade it for anything...SERIOUSLY! Sometime's I sit and look at Gabby and dread the day she morbid is THAT!

Oprah's dog died and I cried today. Wanna cry? Here is her little tribute to Soloman. SO SWEET!

Robin said...

TK....Get one of these, I have one and they work GREAT. Run, don't walk! You won't believe that much hair can come off of one animal!

tabitha jane said...

"I mean i've learned to love a fucking hairy, big-ass, obnoxious, selfish, self-centered dog."


hudson is doing his second big shed of the year. i sweep the floor like eighteen times a day.