Monday, April 28, 2008


Kody is not very helpful to me when it's time to clean his house. In fact, he makes sort of an effort to inhibit my intentions.

I was getting ready to clean the kitchen floor, which means sweeping 3 times THEN mopping. I had to BEG (again with the begging!) him to get out of the kitchen. I tried all the tactics: "wanna go swimming? Cookie? Kitty? Cigarette?" to no avail. Finally I just went in and booted his ass out with my foot.

When i came back from the garage with the broom, I find the little bastard, relaxing himself, with just a liiiiiiitle of himself on the floor.


debbyd said...
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debbyd said...

I bought a' Bissel "flip it" for hard floors at target. I love it. No more sweeping endlessly then vacumming then mopping. it's a sanity saver. bella is a major shedder. especially this time of year. now my chore only takes 15 minutes and not an hour. $80

Carrie™ said...

Oh Kody. I wuv U.

Beth said...

he just wants to let you know who's boss...that's all. He knows he's got it goin on!!