Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Kody Status

When Kody is sick, he's a big baby. Like his mom. And he whines alot which, even though i feel sorry for him, is irritating.

I took him to the vet monday because he literally could NOT lift his head. He even left about 10 kernels of food in his dish and that is just plain unheard of. THAT worried me.

The vet pushed and pulled his head and everytime he'd scream, I'd scream a little too. I'm not a strong person when anyone I love is in pain. I'm surprised the vet didn't ask me to leave. But what she did say that I found funny was that it is hard to tell when a malamute is in pain becuase they are very vocal; they'll scream if they hurt and they'll scream if they think they're going to hurt.

I also told her I just wasn't sure how much he's hurting or if he's just acting to milk my guilt for exercising him too much. She said that's highly probable becuase dogs are brilliant that way.

His amount of whining is winding down; but, he whined ALOT this morning when I tried to sleep in. So I white trash yelled at him a few times and then gave up. I asked him if he wanted to go to Home Depot and then Starbucks and that head, that could barely move earlier, snapped up and sideways to say "Hell yes!"

I think he'll be okay...


Michelle Ann said...

You and Kody are so alike... For him it's Home Depot and Starbucks, for you it's Tallac.

Tanya Kristine said...

tallac and chargins.

get it right.

Anonymous said...

LOLOLOL, you and Michelle are so damn funny!

I didn't know Malamutes were so vocal either. I'm so glad that he is doing better and would have paid to see your face as the vet was moving Kody's head around.

Great Blog:-)


Anonymous said...

white trash yelled at him...LOLOLOL!!!!!!


debbyd said...

he's got you wrapped all around his little claw, dialed, hooked line and sinker, you're his ball & chain cute and whiny just like a man.

Anonymous said...

I hope your vet did blood tests prior to administration of rimadyl & warned you of side effects to watch for.

my vet did not & my dog died.

if you haven't already google rimadyl & get the facts.

my old dog was crying & the vet said she had degenerative disc disease & was referred for spinal surgery. we felt that was too risky for a 14 yr old dog & rushed to a chiropractor. he fixed her in one visit. we've been using chirpractor ever since.

good luck with your sweet dog!