Friday, April 04, 2008

Crazy Eyes Dancing Kody...and Instigating Betsy

Kody is always the innocent one...sitting there, adoring his mommy while she watches her shows. But Betsy will come up and stand behind him, staring...boring holes in the back of his head until he can resist no more.

I love to capture their fight scenes. They are pretty rare as Betsy was a rescue and I'm not sure she ever played with a dog before so she doesn't really know how. Couple that with a hundred pound, overly-excited bohemoth and ...let's just say they don't last very long.

This is his SNOW BOARDING pose...hip, ain't he?

Happy Friday everyone! (all 5 of you!) We'll see you next week! xoxoxo


Michelle Ann said...

Hilarious! Crazy Eyes Dancing Kody sounds like the new must have toy from Mattel.

Anonymous said...

Hmmm, somehow I knew that you would be taking Kody to the vet:-)Video taking Kody to the Vet! Dancing Kody and his friend are good pics.

The blog is only 5 strong right now but I have high hopes for it. Your other blog is also good too. Hey, you might get discovered like the gal who did Juno.......SERIOUSLY!

Have a great weekend!


Ruby Redux said...

That's such a cool entry! I love it :)

Your dogs are such characters :)

Carrie™ said...

Simon gets those crazy eyes. The snowboarding pose is awesome!